WALEX professional sanitation solutions


Bio-Active toilet chemical / deodorizer with all the dependable performance benefits associated with the WALEX products.

Available in three convenient sizes: 20, 34 & 84 treatments (based on a 20ltr cassette / for holding tanks up to 140L - halve no. of treatments)

Cleans sensors and valves and prevents clogging.

This powerful commercial grade formula is an environmentally friendly toilet chemical, 100% biodegradable and septic tank safe. BIO-ACTIVE will keep your holding tank or cassette toilet clean and fresh smelling, with no build up of residues!



1.2L - 20 treatments
2.0L - 34 treatments
5.0L - 84 treatments

1.18L / 40oz Bio-Active liquid



2.0L / 68 oz Bio-Active liquid 5.0L / 168 oz Bio-Active liquid
+ carriage £3.50
+ carriage £7.00
+ carriage £9.00

carriage costs on combined orders will vary or may be free of charge - call to enquire / place an order.


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