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PORTA-PAK 15 Express


Regular pouch PORTA-PAK 10 x 35g sachets for holding tanks & porta loo's

PORTA-PAK express 15 x 25g sachet - BEST SELLER cassette toilet sachet

PORTA-PAK 10 (Lavender)
PORTA-PAK 15 Express (Lavender)
PORTA-PAK 10 - NEW lavender scent
PORTA-PAK 15 express - 25g sachet in a lavender scent - ideal for cassettes
PORTA-PAK express 75
PORTA-PAK 50 x 35g sachet - Most widely used Portable Toilet / Welfare Unit commercial product

PORTA-PAK express 75 x 25g sachet - Giant Pouch - Ideal for regular cassette users

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