Hindermann Fourseasons screens available for vans & Coachbuilts Also available is the NEW 'A Class' universal thermal screen - in stock ! - scroll down to view

Four Seasons External Thermal Insulation Screens by Hindermann


"These affordable thermal mats provide protection from both heat and cold, for all seasons"



The NEW Four Season range includes a specially designed velcro connection, which enables you to fold the screen over in any position during daylight hours - without the inconvenience of removing the screen.

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Screen can be folded over during the day




Not as bulky as a 'quilted' style screen therefore would benefit customers with storage limitations.

In the Winter they insulate against the cold and in the Summer they are an effective way of keeping your van cooler by reflecting the suns rays.

Attachment to the vehicle is very quick and simple. The Four Season screens are mounted on the vehicle doors.

The material comprises of modern waterproof thermal sheeting with alu-vaporized polyester film that has been UV stabilised.


Please call us if your vehicle is not listed, we will

be able to offer you an alternative.


£ 93.50 / per set

Price includes delivery and VAT


  Part No  Year Range
VC26FI0201 2006> Peugeot Boxer / Fiat Ducato
VC26FI0001 1994-2006 Peugeot Boxer / Fiat Ducato
VC26FO0301 2014> Ford Transit - JUMBO
VC26FO0201 2006-2014 Autumn Ford Transit
VC26FO0101 2002-06 Ford Transit
VC26RE0201 2010> Renault Master
VC26RE0101 2001-10 Renault Master
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VC26ME0301 2015>

Mercedes Sprinter


Call to Order NEW
VC26ME0201 2006-2014 Mercedes Sprinter
TBC   VW Crafter Call to order
VC26VW0201   VWT5 / VWT6






A Class universal screen


The NEW A Class / RV one piece Four Season screen is now available. This is a low cost screen which is easy to fix into position and includes 6 bungee straps. Ideal for customers who need a quick fix solution / delivery.

There is a sewn seam across the top of the screen with elastic rope and hooks in position allowing for quick attachment. 5 PVC eyelets are present along the bottom edge of the screen. Well made looks great!

267cm x 130cm


267cm x 130cm

£93.50 / each

Price includes delivery and VAT