Bug Free Zone Tent / Shelter

"Ideal for use in the garden and essential for use with outdoor holidays particularly on the West Coast of Scotland and wherever flying bugs are a nuisance"


Bug free zone tent


Bug Free Tent


Comes complete with carrybag

3.8 metres x 2.6 metres - lightweight and spacious picnic shelter which is ideal for use in the garden at parties, camping and other gatherings.



BUG FREE ZONE is an ideal picnic shelter that will make your outdoor experience so much more comfortable and enjoyable without hassle, the discomfort and distraction of unwanted flying insects......flies, wasps, midges, gnats and other unpleasant flying bugs attacking you, your guests and your food!


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Bug Free Zone Tent

3.8 x 2.6 metres

£ 78.00 + £10.00 delivery
VAT Included