Acoustic Insulation

Engine acoustic insulation is available cut ready to fit or in 2000 x 1000 x 50mm sheets. Simply apply using special adhesive. Material is PU Foam - Fire protected. The most cost effective way to provide sound insulation of the engine compartment. Ideal for noise reduction in diesel motorhomes. This system really works - many on the market do not and are three times the price!

acoustic insulation for the under bonnet

Thickness 50mm / 2"

2000x1000x50mm  £87.00

2000x500x50mm    £74.50

All prices include adhesive.

If you require sheeting only, please deduct Adhesive costs of £20.50 which is included in the above prices.

Price also includes VAT & Delivery

Please enquire for availability/pricing on A Class / RV models. Click here for fitting instructions (pdf file)