ZOSO Suction Pad products

The common element in all Zoso products is the unique powered suction mechanism. These products attach to any smooth flat surface, including tiles, glass, metals & plastic.

Product is attached by simply twisting or rotating the outside body of the product which creates the suction vacume. Unlocking the suction mechanism couldn't be easier. Simply twist in the opposite anti-clockwise direction and gently prizing the suction pad away from the surface by use of the small plastic lug on each suction cup.

A very useful, convenient, inexpensive range of products that require no DIY work at all to fix in position.

kitchen rail

Multi-Function Hook
Size: 550(L)x90(W)x50(H)mm







kitchen roll holder

Kitchen Tissue Holder

soap dish

Soap Rack

soap dish glass

Soap Dish Holder

bathroom toothbrush holder

Single Cup Holder
*Note cup is white, not clear as shown in image.

Double hook suction pad

Shampoo Rack

Double hook suction pad

Condiment Rack

Double hook suction pad

Towel hanger



Double hook suction pad
Triple Hook
Double hook suction pad

Adhesive Plate's (1 pair)


£2.99 per pair

Postage & Packing £0.65


Part No.: VC51NC0102



Provides a flat surface for the ZOSO suction cup and avoids the issue of air entering the suction cup due to imperfections in the primary surface.

Ø73 x 3.4(H)mm


Double hook suction pad Showerhead Holder


Ø65 x 50(H)mm
Double hook suction pad Regular Hook

£4.99 each

Postage & Packing £3.00

Part No.: VC51NC0101
Double hook suction pad Coat Hook
Ø65 x 70(H)mm