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Porta-Pak #1 portion control deodorizer in the world


Porta-Pak express

15 x Drop in cassette toilet sachets

Unbeatable odour prevention

Formaldehyde free

Breaks down waste and paper rapidly

Pre-packaged portion control

Pleasantly scented without the familiar 'chemical' smell

NEW cassette size toilet sachet

WAVE 2 technology
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Porta-Pak 15
Porta-Pak #1 portion control deodorizer in the world
Pouch quantity
15 toilet sachets
Case quantity
12 pouches / 180 sachets
Sachet size


1 x Pouch
£12.95 + £2.95 carriage
2 x Pouch
£25.25 + £2.95 carriage
3 x Pouch
£36.90 + £5.50 carriage
1 x Case
£130.00 + FREE delivery
All trade enquiries please call for special pricing


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